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Hi, My name is Asad, director at Seamus K9 Service Inc. coach and dog trainer.     We are dedicated to helping you turn your hard to handle hounds into perfect pooches! Our puppy obedience and dog training is based on years of experience using positive reinforcement and authenticated techniques, that are highly effective, interesting and easy to understand. If followed consistently, the training is proven to be life long. We are so confident of our training that we GUARANTEE it for the life of your dog. We not only teach the dogs how to listen, obey and respect, but we also coach family members and care-givers about how to maintain the training.


Our dog walking services are available in Mississauga. Private and group walks/outings are customized to fit your budget and meet your dog's needs and energy level. We guarantee to walk your dog in all weather conditions. We assure you of being punctual, reliable and safe. You may choose walks in your own neighborhood or play at one of several leash free parks in Mississauga, where your dog can also socialize with other dogs. We always put importance on safety, harmony and activity. These daily outings build confidence, stability and instill good behavior in your dog, making coming home more pleasant after a busy schedule and hard day at work. 


We also board dogs in a clean, fenced, secured, and crate-free environment.

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