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Premier service at competitive rates
Best Value Plan - 4 sessions or more $75 each

Puppies 10 weeks to 5 month old, and previously untrained dogs.                                 In this fundamental training level, your puppy and you will learn the following:-

Introduction to verbal and sign communication with your pet, using body language, eye contact and an insight into the importance of Clicker Training.

Potty training methods and implementation strategies, along with easy and effective techniques  to stop your puppy from play biting you.
Verbal and Sign commands to SIT, DOWN, STAY and COME.
Training games to play with your pet that builds focus, confidence, physical and mental stimulation and maintains the interest level.
Final assessment and certification to graduate to the next level.


Dogs that have successfully ​completed our first and second level trainings,

and mature dogs with past experience can now learn and refine the advance skills such as WALKING AT HEEL, SIT AT HEEL, DOWN AT HEEL, RECALL with Distance and Distractions. This level is also helpful for dogs with issues like pulling on walks, Jumping, excessive barking, counter surfing, food or leash aggression etc.  We will correct, train and guide these dogs with positive reinforcement techniques, and coach you how to effectively communicate with your dog, and maintain the training.


​In this mid level training, we build on the basics,. Training is more structured and expectations are higher from your dog.  We instill first command response, to SIT, DOWN, STAY and COME, with added distraction, distance and duration.

These skills are vital for a well balanced dog and for a safe and enjoyable dog ownership.

Strong obedience and sound listening and social skills also help during visits to the veterinarians office, the groomers, or while out for walks, leash free parks and in public places.

Your dog will also learn to respect the leash on walks, along with responding to commands such as LEAVE IT and DROP IT.


A comprehensive training module from the puppy basics to advance commands and skills. With levels 1, 2, and 3 your puppy will grow with you to become a confident, mannered, well behaved, obedient and trustworthy dog. 

You can rest assured that our training is backed by our  lifetime * GUARANTEE.

Moreover, we provide you with exclusive training support, via email, Text or phone. We help answer your questions or concerns throughout the life of your dog, and even come and visit you, should you need help with some retraining of any previously trained behaviour.


Flex-Pass™ Preferred Clients - 1 Hour+ Group Walk/ Outings/ Leash free park visits - $25  Valid Monday to Friday only.                                                                                                                                      Flex-Pass™ Rates applicable when you purchase minimum 15 walks/ park credits in advance.     Flex-Pass™ is valid for 60 calendar days from first use.                                                                                Non Flex-Pass™  1 Hour Group Walk/ Leash free park visits $28   Valid Monday to Friday only.​ Saturday, Sunday and Holidays $30                                                                                                                        All services subject to availability.   Time is calculated from ‘pick up to drop off’.

 Dog Boarding:  Monday -Thursday $60 per 24Hrs. Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays $70 per 24 Hour.                                                                                                                                                             Daycare: Up to to 8 Hrs. Mon - Thu $50  Fri, Sat, Sun & Holidays $60  Over 8 Hrs. boarding rate applies. Pick up/ Drop off service in Mississauga $20 each  

No refund on any service or prepaid Flex-Pass™.

Boarding and daycare includes washroom breaks, brief walks and/or outings and feeding. Food must be provided by the owner. Additional walks/leash free park visits will be billed at our posted walk rates and are subject to availability. Special needs/ medicine dispensation service fee of $7 per service per day will be added. Last minute reservation cancellation fee may apply. Boarding Reservation Cancellation must be made via email/ text at least 72 hrs for weekends, holidays and all long term bookings. Puppies 9 months or under, untrained dogs, dogs with separation anxiety are all subject to 25% surcharge. Seamus K9 Services Inc. reserves the right to accept or decline any service without cause. Pick up/drop off service must be arranged in advance, subject to availability.

Training fee includes coaching and training in the owner’s home/ neighborhood, trainer’s venue or any mutually agreed location. Seamus K9 Services Inc. guarantees its training results for life of the dog, as long as the owner’s, follow the training instructions and practice it daily and consistently as advised by the trainer from Seamus K9 Services Inc. In the absence of such an effort on our part, Seamus K9 Services Inc. gives no warranties or guarantees, express or implied, as to the performance of said dog following the initial training. 

All services, dates and times are only confirmed after receiving the signed forms. Price is subject to change without notice.

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