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"Dog Training is a process, not an event; Patience is key".......Asad, Director

Our Obedience Training is highly effective for puppies, and previous;y untrained dogs. We believe that teaching respectful and loving ways to listen, obey and respond are important attributes in the early stages. The sooner puppies learn to respect the commands, the better behaved they are. Seamus K9 Services Inc. understands the excitement and anxiety that comes from having a puppy. Our goal is to make "the puppy years" enjoyable for the whole family! Our head trainer, Asad, is always at hand to answer any questions you may have.​ BMT or "Behaviour Modification Training", is a "Touch Free" dog training process used effectively by Seamus K9 Services Inc. This positive reinforcement program is a reward based technique and is implemented to modify unwanted behaviour in certain dogs. We do not use  force, chokers, shock collars or punishments to teach obedienve and respect. This results in our trained dogs becoming confident, friendly and balanced. At Seamus K9 Services Inc. we work with you and your family to guarantee continued success. Most dogs who train with Seamus K9 Services Inc. will learn, rehabilitate and re-adjust their behaviour and begin to show improvements within a few hours of our training.

Using simple yet effective strategies, we teach dogs to stay calm, pay attention, 

and focus on the handler and learning process. We channel the dog’s natural instincts,

with reward and praise. Crucial to any dog's training is that it is maintained consistently 

by the family.


★ Leash Pulling                            

★ Counter Surfing

★ Food Aggression                     

★ Jumping on people

★ Going crazy at the Door Bell

★Barking at strangers or other dogs  

★Barking at the sound of Lawn Mower  

★Barking at the sound Vacuum Cleaner?

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