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While researching training options I looked no further once. I found Seamus k9. I met Asad in a leash free zone and really appreciated his ability to interact with all the dogs. He was a trainer with a clear passion for animals and the cherry on top was he came to your home to do the training! From the moment Asad walked into our house, there was a positive shift with the dogs.












Read what our satisfied clients have to say

I first met Asad at the dog park while he was training dogs under his care , I was amazed at his work and how well behaved the dogs were. All the dogs joined in on his play and listened to his commands. Asad is the dog whisper. He has the ability to have all dogs, good and bad in his focus. I have watched Asad assist people at the park with aggressive dogs and provided tips to help. Asad is very highly respected and has earned his respect with his loving behavior with all dogs. After watching Asad training and having a puppy in need of a trainer, I asked Asad to train Dakota. Dakota is a high energy dog and I can't seem to get her enough exercise. Most everyone at Q Park knows Dakota and her energy level. Well, with Asad's help we have broken down some of Dakota's bad behavior, jumping, not listening and ignoring commends, Dakota has developed many learning skills. Dakota still has high energy, but listens better, and with Asad's twice a week walk, has calmed Dakota. I have received full training with Dakota, weekly walks and also boarding. Asad's ability and skills are top notch, and I have never had anyone that dedicated to dogs like him. His rates are reasonable and the care is outstanding, in a clean friendly environment. I highly recommend Asad if you love your dog.  ~ Dawn Martin

Dear Asad, We are very pleased with the Dog Training and Behaviour Modification techniques you incorporated  for our Australian Shepherd, Tess. ​Tess was involved in a few other dog training

classes, and well, as you know, she was very difficult to train. She has responded so well to your gentle approach! I just want you to know how satisfied we are with your services. Equally, when we boarded her with you she was so well behaved when we picked her up. Thanks so much!​  ~D. Harrington​​

"We have only recently started using Seamus K9 Services Inc. and all we can say is 'Wow!'. At our first meeting, Asad showed Chloe - our 4 yr. old rambunctious Westie mix - who's pack leader. When she was sick, the compassion, care and support received from Seamus K9 Services was second to none. We feel that we are very lucky to have found such a wonderful service. We give Asad four paws way up! Thank you for helping us to keep Chloe happy and healthy."  ~ Tracy S

After having just one session with Asad, we have noticed a drastic improvement in Watson. He has learned to stay away from dropped food, is much better on the leash and is not jumping up on company anymore. Very impressed!!! Asad was great with Watson and Watson immediately responded to his commands. Highly recommended.  ~Nicola  

I signed up for advanced training as having two large pups was getting difficult. With Asad's guidance and support we started to understand our dogs needs. Through interaction and non-verbal communication we developed a bond of trust and respect. Asad's training has been the key to enjoying every walk and every moment without frustration. 

Soon after training was complete we decided to go on vacation. Like all animals lovers leaving Dreamer and Quest behind was difficult. I knew the only person I could trust to walk my dogs was Asad! He walked the dogs everyday and even took the time to send us pictures and updates. I came back to incredibly happy pups. Whenever we hear the doorbell ring (Asad's classic entrance) there are always two wagging tails running to the door! I would highly recommend any of Seamus K9 Services Inc.                 ~ Jacquelyn  (a very happy and loyal client)



My family and I met Asad at a dog park near our home, along with our 4 month old Golden Retriever, Maeshall. He offered helpful advice before we even retained his services. As Marshall being our first dog, we wanted to get off on the right foot. Asad came to our home and coached us and our dog with simple methods to make things easier. Marshall has learned the basics very quickly, but still needs a bit more training. Asad was certainly helpful on all aspects of puppy related information. We learnt a lot more from him than we would have learned from a big box store. We would not hesitate to recommend his services. Thank you very much, Asad.  ~H. Armstrong

We lucked out in finding Asad's dog walking service, funnily enough, at the dog park.  We take Tucker to local leash-free parks and observed the owner Asad before we used his service.  Asad had a very good rapport with the dogs, interacting with many of them naturally and making sure everyone got along. When we first signed up with Asad, he came to our house to meet with us and to get to know Tucker in his own environment.  Asad is exceptionally well organized and professional .  We have a puppy and never worry when he is taking care of him which is what you want in a dog walker.  He doesn't sub out the walking service, he knows our dog very well and takes care of his individual exercise needs quite well.  Asad also boards Tucker for us when work demands either take us out of town or in the office for late nights.  Asad treats Tucker like his own dog and Tucker has made a great friend in Seamus. Whether walking or boarding,Tucker comes home tired, healthy and happy!  ~B. LeClair

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