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Cage free dog boarding: great alternative to conventional boarding

We provide cage free Dog Boarding with the luxury and comfort of detached home,  along with a fully fenced and secured backyard. Whether you are going away for that quick weekend getaway, or for a longer vacation, rest assured that your pet will receive all the affection, exercise and discipline that most dogs need and deserve.    Supervised by Professional Dog Trainer, your dog will love their time away from home. Come, visit us and assess suitability for your dog. After all, you do want to have the peace of mind knowing your dog will be happy, in a clean, safe, loving and capable hand.                                                                                                                                                    We are located in Mississauga. We provide pick up and drop service. Your pet boarding includes daily standard walks, washroom breaks, lot of playtime and feeding the food provided by the pet owner. We also keep you informed with routine photo and video updates of activities.

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